“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”

RESONANCE AND DISSONANCE - What it means and how it affects change in our lives

I had an insightful discussion today with my amazing coach colleagues, about the balance between the forces of resonance and dissonance in our lives. Resonance for me personally means connection, a connection that happens when everything is in synch and vibrating at the same frequency as our innermost core. 

By definition, Resonance is "The quality in a sound of being deep, full and reverberating". That moment in your life when it feels deep and full and everything thats happening outside is reverberating with everything that you hold true and near to your heart.

In stark contrast, Dissonance can be a messy uncomfortable place to be, a space that comes from feeling that something is not quite right. When values are clashing or beliefs are being challenged. But be aware that something new is trying to emerge from it. What's trying to shift? What needs to happen? There is a gift or learning in that space. A chance for self reflection, an opportunity for clarity on what's important for us ... dissonance can be the trigger for that change that restores harmony.

Dissonance can also be a chance to explore new perspectives. What underlying beliefs and assumptions do we hold on to as absolute truths, that cause this mis alignment with our present? When long held beliefs and mindsets are confronted with a new situation, it may be time to explore whether it's the mindset that needs to shift, in order for something new to evolve.

Our lives are a pendulum between noise and harmony, and whether it's shifting our perspective or changing our direction, It's the ability to feel the dissonance, no matter how uncomfortable, that makes it possible to take the next step towards creating a beautiful resonance.

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