“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

"I gained a lot during my coaching relationship with Faryal Kohari. I was able to achieve the goals that I set at the beginning of the coaching relationship and the goals that I set after each session.

Faryal held me accountable on a regular basis and this helped me to stick to my goals and confront limiting thought patterns. She was able to help me on quite a few occasions when I felt stuck – quite a few light bulb moments occurred for me in the process. It was encouraging for me to discuss achievements during the coaching process. Even though we were coaching via Skype, we achieved a great rapport and there was powerful sustained learning through the coaching process and fun visualizations and brainstorming.

I could set about achieving my goals in a more creative way."

- Jolene Joubert
  Business Coach, Johannesburg – South Africa


"Faryal did a great job as my coach. She was always curious and supportive. Through her challenging questions she helped me to overcome obstacles in my way and to identify blind spots that prevented me from growing professionally and personally.

Faryal offered some great tools and exercises during the sessions and as homework that helped me being more mindful and to apply new insights and learning. I have really enjoyed our sessions together as we always finished with a laugh and appreciation for each other."

-Mareike, Project Lead, Germany


"Faryal’s coaching style is powerful. She is gentle, loving and supportive in her approach, quickly creates a safe environment for you to share your deepest feelings, and uses her powerful questioning and intuition to shine a light on your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

She’ll articulate for you that which you’re either not aware of or do not want to admit to yourself, all the while holding the space for you beautifully. If you’re brave enough to take that, you’ll grow immensely with her loving support.

I benefitted greatly with Faryal’s coaching. I feel freer to own and be my authentic self and to really own and share the unique gifts I bring to this world."

-GB, Personal Development Coach, London.


" I worked with many coaches so far, and what's unique about Faryal is her authenticity and simplicity. Faryal was able to remove the overwhelm gently, and holding the space in such a special way where you can't help but be honest and transparent with yourself.

Sessions with Faryal were smooth, fun and valuable!"

- Vincent Eid, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


"Faryal is a very good coach: great listening, connected to her client and always ready to adapt to my agenda. I discovered something new about me during our coaching and every meeting added a value. Thank you Faryal!"

- Daniela   


 "Thank you, Faryal for being an excellent Coach! With the help of your coaching I was able to reach my goal of becoming healthier! I was able to meet the health and wellness goals that I had in my mind to focus on for a long time."

-Jenni H - India/USA


"Faryal manages to balance her laid back demeanor with her no-nonsense personality which created an environment where I was comfortable opening up, but also aware of my own need to be accountable to myself.

She finds a way to engage with you in a manner you understand, and each session feels bespoke/tailored to your particular needs.

Working with her was monumental during my training as a professional athlete, and the lessons/tools I gained from our sessions were of great help at particularly trying times in my life."



"Faryal is a powerful coach. She uses her curiosity to ask searching challenging questions. Her style is natural, calm and professional. Faryal’s coaching takes a wholistic approach and has made a difference in my life, I was able to explore perspectives I had not considered before.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her."

-J Hogan
 United Kingdom